Collective Capital Philanthropy

Who We Are

Collective Capital Philanthropy is a boutique advisory firm that supports individuals, families and foundations to deepen and strengthen their philanthropic purpose, partnerships and impact.

Vision: A future where all live in a safe, just, inclusive world with access to what is needed to thrive.
Mission: To ignite and accelerate our Collective Capital for bold systems change towards a just future.

Our Commitment to Racial Equity 

We are committed to centering racial equity at the core of our work. To make meaningful and lasting change, we acknowledge that ongoing reflection and learning, combined with intentional, actionable steps to center racial equity is essential. We commit to working alongside those who believe in democratizing philanthropy, to build more equitable practices, and transform the power of philanthropy for justice.

Our Values

  • Trust

    Trust is at the center of how we engage with our clients and community partners. We strive to be trusted partners and uphold the strongest code of ethics and confidentiality in all matters. We believe that trust-based philanthropy evolves through authentic relationship-building and embodies the highest level of giving.

  • Community

    Community members and those closest to the most pressing challenges in their community are best suited & know best how to address complex challenges in their own communities. We honor this knowledge and are committed to work alongside local community leaders, members, and social movements to support their vision towards long term, systems change.

  • Joy

    With increasingly complex challenges and polarizing views, it can be difficult to find calm and joy amidst the chaos. Finding how you best fit and thrive in this ecosystem takes time. Each individual will have a unique experience and our goal is to ensure you find a path that brings joyful purpose to your life. We center joy as a priority for ourselves and prioritize how we want to show up & engage with others.

  • Growth

    We are passionate about learning & inquiry to get to the heart of the matter so that all involved have the best possible experience and impact. We practice and encourage reflection, deep listening, and strive to maintain a learning and growth mindset, while engaging in rigorous research, assessment, and evaluation at every stage of our process.

  • Integrity

    We recognize it is an honor and a privilege to advise individuals, families and partner with non-profit organizations, and community leaders. We understand that building trust evolves through demonstrated confidentiality, transparent & honest communication which are guided by our values and grounded by our moral compass. We are committed to building trusted partnerships through demonstrated examples of doing what we say we will do.

Our Team

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