Collective Capital Philanthropy
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Hi Sasha.

Where to Give for Our Future

Sasha Rabsey

As this unique, and at times anxiety provoking year draws to a close, many of us find ourselves anticipating what the next year will bring. We hope that 2021 will bring a COVID-19 vaccine to everyone equitably and safely. We hope that we will be able to see our loved ones in person, to be able to come together and hold each other in celebration and in grief. We hope for stability and progress in the fight for racial and health justice.

In this moment of envisioning the future, we invite all of us to think about what we can actively do to take one step closer towards the future we seek. End-of-year giving can seem like an overwhelming or even rote task, but this year, with the multiple crises we face, our collective capital is more important than ever before. 

How can we collectively build the future we want for 2021? 

Through our decades of experience in philanthropy and social change, we at Collective Capital Philanthropy know that transformational change is most often led by communities, for communities. Community driven, grassroots organizations are founded on lived expertise, rendering them experts with a unique ability to pivot and move nimbly for long-term outcomes. They know justice needs time and unconditional support. Throughout this disruptive year, these types of organizations have responded to local crises, adapted repeatedly, and delivered for all of us.

We know this only scratches the surface, but here is a list of funds we have curated to make your end-of-year giving meaningful and transformational. Let’s show up as fully as we can--our future demands it.