Collective Capital Philanthropy

We can all be philanthropists

At its' root, philanthropy is defined as love of humanity and we passionately believe everyone has the potential to be extraordinary philanthropists. 

We are part of a growing movement that believes in reimagining and redefining philanthropy, to center it in  the power of collective giving for social justice. 

We all have the capacity to contribute, whether it is our time, sharing our social networks, our story, and so much more. The sum of our contributions is what we call our Collective Capital. It is our Collective Capital that elevates us to solve complex challenges in innovative ways.

Our guided process challenges you to reflect, examine the multitudes of capital that you have in abundance in your life, and inspires you to ignite your Collective Capital.

  • Our Social Capital
  • Our Spiritual Capital
  • Our Human Capital
  • Our Physical Capital
  • Our Financial Capital
  • Our Cultural Capital
  • Our Collective Capital
  • Our Community Capital