Collective Capital Philanthropy

Transform your philanthropic strategy and impact.

As a team of philanthropic advisors, we work with small staffed foundations of all asset sizes.

If you are like many donors today, you may be seeking more in-depth, innovative and lean approaches to complex and nuanced challenges. Your work is critical, but with a small team or no staff, there is little time or capacity to do what you know is possible. 

We are here to support you, strategize with you and provide facilitated guidance towards greater impact.

Working with us you will...

  • Strengthen Your Strategy

    We guide foundations through a highly customized and yet simple path to strengthening your philanthropic strategy—allowing you and your board to engage in the work in a deeper, more personal way, experiencing more satisfaction and success. You will uncover the answers to:

    • Is our work aligned with our values and purpose?
    • How do we develop authentic relationships with our grantees?
    • We’re tired of spinning our wheels—how do we define impact?
    • What are innovative and meaningful ways we can give beyond grants?
    • Are we responsive or reactive to the complexities of our issue areas?

    We will help you design and enact a giving strategy of your own—one that best reflects your
    values, purpose, and vision for change.

  • Engage in Highly Effective Board and Family Meetings

    Effective leadership, cohesion on overall vision with clearly articulated & efficient decision-making processes are core to every successful board. However, there are many variables and factors that hold board members back from reaching their full potential.

    As Chartered Advisors in Philanthropy(CAP) and 21/64 certified family facilitators, we are skilled in designing strategic planning that activates and inspires your board and / or family to its’ highest potential.

  • Gain Grantmaking Support

    Grantmaking practices are shifting and changing rapidly to more fully align with, and demonstrate trust in community organizations. Commitment to, and solidarity with movements and leaders of organizations who are working in communities requires new ways of operating to affect meaningful and lasting change.

    Embracing and adopting a new way of operating can be challenging, time consuming and intimidating. However, maintaining out dated practices and procedures may not align with your own values and vision for the foundation.

    We ask the important questions and provide a path to examining whether your practices, policies and procedures align with and reflect your own values & guiding principles.

  • Engage Your Donors

    If you are a small staffed foundation that also relies on a committed donor base, you understand the challenges to keep the foundation running while keeping your donors engaged and informed on the issues and partners you most care about. We provide support to you by offering donor education & donor engagement workshops, events or specific Community of Practice learning opportunities that are targeted specifically for your donors.

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