Collective Capital Philanthropy

Find deep purpose and partnership through philanthropy.

Every individual and family has a unique story that will shape their own philanthropic style and desire to give back, and we are committed to walking alongside you, to support you in your personal exploration, every step of the way.

The landscape of philanthropy is shifting, revealing truths and critical lessons regarding the levers needed for long term, real systems change.  Centering justice, racial equity, diversity and inclusivity at every step of the process is the only way to affect lasting positive social change. Understanding your role in this process takes humility, listening, learning, relationship building and embracing trust-based approaches.

You have an opportunity to be a part of this shift, by directing your philanthropic capital in meaningful, just and equitable ways.

We believe everyone has the potential to be extraordinary philanthropists and we recognize, celebrate and embrace the diversity and richness of the multitudes of givers in the world and the various ways in which to give back.

Women & Giving

It has been well researched and documented that women give differently. Women & men demonstrate different patterns, from their motivations to the giving vehicles they choose, to their giving behaviors and the causes they support. We work with you to help you identify what works for you.

Giving Circles

Giving Circles provide individuals the opportunity to join a group of others with shared values, and decide how best to contribute their pooled resources while learning together. Whether you are interested in starting your own giving circle, you’d like to get involved in existing giving circles focused on issue areas you are passionate about, or your current giving circle is seeking support to enhance member cohesion, retention and facilitate new ways of granting; we can support your goals.

Family Philanthropy

Engaging in family philanthropy can be a rewarding and satisfying experience for a family. However, it requires a thoughtful, inclusive and well-defined process for this to happen. In many families, personalities, roles, and inner dynamics can make decision-making a sensitive process. As skilled, neutral facilitators, we can help your family reach shared goal-setting and decision-making frameworks that work for all.

Legacy: Understanding and defining legacy requires deep listening, clear communication and developing an strategic approach to honor lived experience.
Values: Defining family values provide the foundation in which to ground decision-making, processes and your impact
Rising Generation
Rising Generation: Your voice, knowledge and ideas are essential to enhancing your family’s giving and will be key to adopting emerging approaches that are relevant in today’s world.

Working with us you will...

  • Develop Your Philanthropic Purpose and Direction

    We guide individuals and families through a highly customized and yet simple path. We then help you design and enact a giving strategy of your own—one that best reflects your values, purpose, and vision for change.

  • Access Research and Skilled Analysis

    Understanding the context of a focus area often requires thorough research, and comprehensive landscape analysis to identify how you can personally make the most meaningful impact. We provide research and analytical review from which to make informed decisions.

  • Gain Knowledge & Build Your Network

    Through our extensive networks of dynamic thought leaders, changemakers, and organization leaders, we can connect you with people, organizations, networks, tools and resources to further inform your decisions. Your decisions will be based on knowledge & perspectives from those who best know the issues, challenges and solutions. We help you navigate this life-changing experience.

  • Learn Aside Peers(Communities of Practice Cohorts, Workshops, Retreats)

    Join our specially curated offerings to meet others, build authentic & lasting relationships, and learn together. Whether you consider yourself new to this conversation or a decades-long committed philanthropist, you belong. These supportive, peer-learning spaces will spark new conversations that will challenge and transform you.

  • Engage in Highly Effective Meetings and Retreats

    Effective family decision-making enhances unity and cohesion in families. Engaging with one another through a clear philanthropic purpose can be one of the most rewarding experiences within a multigenerational family. In many families, personalities, roles, patterns, and dynamics can make effective decision-making an important, yet sensitive process. A skilled and neutral facilitators provides objectivity and a process to walk your family through important conversations, and shared goal-setting.

    As 21/62 certified family facilitators, we are specifically trained in multi-generational conversations about money, wealth, family dynamics, and legacy where everyone in the room feels heard and seen. We ground your family in its core values: we guide conversations about money & meaning; and we help you navigate potentially troublesome situations – before they start.

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